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Johor in-house fair 2020


Official Statement

It has come to our attention that recently there have been some unnecessary, disparaging and/or defamatory remarks, comments and/or statements made against us on social media. Our proposed agreement titled ‘Change Wedding Date Due to COVID-19’ (‘Agreement’) has also been posted on social media platforms, thereby attracting untrue and inaccurate comments and remarks. We hereby wish to put in writing that any such act to undermine, sabotage and/or injure our interests, standing and/or reputation will not be condoned and we will not hesitate to hold all responsible parties liable.


As an established and professional wedding services provider company with years of experience, we have always been providing our services with outmost professionalism. For all intents and purposes, the Agreement is to protect all parties’ interests including that of our customers. As we all are aware, due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) and subsequent control orders implemented by the Malaysian government which took effect on 18.03.2020, the Malaysian borders have since been closed. Weddings, religious gatherings and etc were subsequently prohibited until recently of which strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) must be closely followed. As a result of this unprecedented event which is absolutely not within our control, all our customers’ arrangements, plans and programmes which include but not limited to overseas pre-wedding photo shootings, actual wedding day shootings and etc have to be put on hold.


Acting in good faith and in full observance of the individual contracts with the customers, we have offered our customers a few options or alternatives in order to circumvent or to mitigate the losses, inconvenience as well as the difficulties faced by all parties. Amongst the options which have been made available to our customers include but not limited to any initially planned overseas pre-wedding photo shooting would not take place overseas but to take place locally in Malaysia, of which the value of the photo shooting locally would be similar to the purchase price of the respective contracts with no extra costs, or the customers may postpone the overseas pre-wedding photo shooting to any date not later than a year from the initially fixed date of the overseas pre-wedding photo shooting and that the date has to be suitable for both parties. Hence the Agreement is proposed to our customers of which the terms of the Agreement are fair, just and reasonable. Further, any change(s), reschedule(s) and/or amendment(s) in respect of the original or initial contract(s) between us and our customers shall only be amended and mutually agreed upon in writing between us and our customers. To safeguard all parties’ interests and to put things on record, no verbal alterations or verbal reschedules are effective, enforceable and/or allowed.


We do notice that there are some parties acting unreasonably, illegally and/or unlawfully by making unnecessary demands or comments towards us. This Official Statement also serves as a final warning. Should such untrue and inaccurate statement, comment or remark be made once again, our solicitors will have our strict instructions to proceed with legal actions and we shall hold each and every party liable. All our acts or proposals are in accordance with the Contracts Act 1950, case laws and/or equity. We will not hesitate to commence an action under the Defamation Act 1957 as well as reserving our rights to lodge police reports for criminal defamation. 


The main reason the Agreement is proposed to our customers is due to we need to have a confirmation in writing from our customers regarding whether there is any change in the dates of the photo shooting to avoid any issue in future. Insofar as the imposition of charges (for the change of dates for the second time onwards) is concerned, this is due to we would always incur costs and expenses for any subsequent change of dates as we need to pay in advance all sorts of fees and expenditures including but not limited to flights, accommodations, venues and etc. We wish to put on record that we have been reasonable and acting well within the purview of the law by not claiming any expenses from our customers for the change of the dates for the first time. Therefore it’s not reasonably expected of us to bear all costs and expenses if our customers keep changing their dates. Please be mindful that the MCO and the travel ban imposed by the government are totally unprecedented and unexpected. All parties must act reasonably. If we still notice any unsubstantiated and untrue comments, posts, remarks and etc, be it on social media or otherwise, we will hold you liable.  


We also take this opportunity to urge our customers who have purchased our actual day wedding photo shooting to confirm whether there is any change in the date of the actual wedding day photo shooting. If we do not receive any notification, information and/or communication in writing from our customers by 30 days before the actual date of the event, we would proceed with the date(s) as originally planned or agreed. In this event, if there is any cancellation, amendment or reschedule within the 30 days from the date of the actual event(s), we shall not be liable whatsoever and all costs and expenses incurred shall be borne by the customers.    


In the meantime, all our rights are reserved.



Management of Verona Bridal